Risk Management & Assurances

To identify all the potential risks faced by the business be it government policies, international trade decisions, business rivalry or threats faced or any internal factors that have substantial bearing on smooth business operations. Making a Sensitivity analysis for possible deviations with each of these risks & how the management can go about in incorporating this in regular Plan of Action. An increased preparedness, timely alert levels & its action can go long way in tackling such risks.

Corporate Planning & Strategy Decision Making

Alignment of Company’s Mission, Objectives & Targets & developing detailed Business Plan that will guide the optimum resources required to achieve the results desired. This would be made into effect thru strategic planning & interventions from time to time. Regular reviews to compare projections with actual & way further would be carried out.

Project Report & Viability

A Macro & Micro study of a planned Venture would be done taking into consideration resources made available, feasibility of the project both from external & internal working environment & ROI aimed at. Accordingly, the Business Plan & its detailed implementation process can be worked out.

Management Audit

To do a Zero-based audit of all the systems / protocols / conventional style of management functioning. There will be critical evaluation & also tests done to see the Success: Failure ratio in various scenarios of decision making. A reality check would help to overcome & improve various loop-holes, redundant or low pay-off activities.

Internal Control Process & Audits

Internal Control Process is the heart of safeguarding the business interest & its assets. It also helps in smooth operations thereby yielding maximum business efficiency. More than the audits, we focus to build robust Internal Control Mechanism. Further, time to time audits will help to keep check on effectiveness of the internal controls with a view to strengthen them further.

Productivity & Efficiency Audits

As name suggests, this audit would be initiated to see how best resources are put to use, with fast turnaround & maximum ROI. Importantly, this is not only done for Production, but more so for all the activities of the company.

Mystery Audit

This would be done without the auditee knowledge that he/she is under audit. This has gained significance as to know real time factual status without giving any time to auditee to make any changes.

Fraud Investigations & Forensic Audits

Increased audit time would be deployed to understand the mechanism & modus operandi & if any cartel exists who have done frauds. The nature of forensic audit would be more intense & its checklist for audit would be very exhaustive & would go beyond the identified crime.

Implementation to Audit Committees

While most organisations have audit committee, they tend to become routine & ineffective. Working would be done to build an Audit Committee aiming to value-add & take business forward while safeguarding the business interests.

BI (Business Intelligence)

Architect a Portal / Dashboard / Information Tool thru advanced technology means that will become the Nerve Centre for information / analytics & decision making. In fact, the deep diving that BI will do, even ERP is not designed for the same.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI set-up & implementation by combining historical data, massive use of algorithms, taking into consideration trend & pattern movement & suggesting futuristic scenarios / decisions like near human-like understanding by the machines. An immediate investment in this arena will go long way in success of an organization.

ERP Implementation

Partnering in selection & successful implementation of an ERP package. In many organisations ERP fails or attains less success because methodology & approach is wrong.


Implementing Annual Operating Plans for the organisations after detailed business study, management plans, past performances & given geographical, economic & political environment. AOPs are tried & tested formula in giving measurable, specific planning to all activities of the organization.

Productivity Enhancement

This activity would be undertaken to see how best resources are utilised, with fast turnaround & maximum ROI. Importantly, this is not only done for Production, but more so for all the activities of the company.


Documenting Standard Operating Procedures for various critical functions of the organisation & making this into very easily understandable & ‘practical to use’ set of guidelines.

Business Process Reviews & Re-Engineering

Here a thorough review would be carried out for all critical & core areas / activities / policies of business from point of view of its degree of productivity, cycle times, ROI, efforts involved with a view to further enhance or even come up with some changes to the same. A techno-commercial approach will evaluate every such scenario from a 360-degree level.

Fixed Asset Management

To build systems for recording, monitoring & controlling the entire life cycle of an asset i.e. need & requisition of asset, quotation & PO finalization, delivery & installation, technical hand over, asset identification & coding, operator training, time & motion study, AMCs, subsequent additions/variations, payments/depreciation, monitoring productivity & its pay-back period , subsequent disposal of the asset, docket management.

Payment Gateway Control Mechanisms

Factory Accounting

SEZ compliances & Management