Recruitment (Top Management)

Understanding the culture of the organization, profile of the position, key qualifications & experience required, personality traits, the interaction expected with promoters & their expectations from this position etc. are some of the important factors while shortlisting the position.

Recruitment (Middle & lower Management)

A large database is maintained & updated as ongoing process covering all aspects / functional positions that would be required for an organization. A detailed internal interview process is carried out before providing CVs to the company for a position requirement.

Skill & Competency Mapping / Matrix

A thorough assessment would be done identifying ability, skills & competency of an employee vis-à-vis the current work profile. The outcome would be to identify gaps, training needs, road-map to reaching to the optimum level in the matrix, & may also suggest some changes in the current profile.

Measuring KPI Techniques & Alignment

KPI’s in many company’s fail because of lack of KPI measurement techniques or incorrect measurement tools.

All identified KPI’s would be backed with appropriate statistical tools to have them measured with a “well-balanced approach” which will minimize the subjectivity & enhance the quantification & objectivity reflected in the KPI dashboard.

Appraisal Systems

Developing a 360 degree Performance based Appraisal System & comparing benchmarks / targets with actual, critically evaluating the achievements, building trust & transparency & suitably rewarding the deserving cases.

Department Incentive & Rewards

Developing comprehensive measuring tools to account for the performances compared with norms kept & applying different rates in measuring the incentive or reward payable. This can be developed for all Operational & Service depts. Of an organisation

Digital HR Process

Introducing digital transformation of HR services and processes through the use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies. This would bring about a sea change in both the approach and execution & there would be a significant improvisation in the efficiency of HR services

Individual Stress Management

To induct Symptom, Cause & Effect process to identify Individual Stress at Organisation level & introducing effective stress management techniques that will relieve the employee or enable him to better face such situations

Change Management

A change management process would a zero based approach in challenging the existing / conventional way of a process or organisation working & undergo a complete change in its DNA or culture, process flow from start to end and top to bottom approach. This transition phase has to be very carefully planned & implemented & should be persuaded & executed by involvement & acceptance levels of all concerned.